Contact InformationEagle Scout candidates should know who is involved, but contact information may be more important to unit leaders and others in case they want totalk to each other. While it is recognized that not all the information will be needed for every project, Scouts are expected to provide as much asreasonably possible. Approval representatives must understand, however, that doing so is not part of the service project requirement.Eagle Scout CandidateName: Erin Isabelle FoleyBirth date: 02/27/2006Email Address: eriness.foley@gmail.comBSA PID number: 137217651Zip: 34714Address: 5324 Cape Hatteras DriveState: FLCity: ClermontPreferred telephone(s): 352-321-091Life Board of Review date: 08/14/2022Current Unit InformationCheck One:OCrewOTroopO ShipUnit Number: 4998Name of District: LakeName of Council: Central FloridaUnit Leader Check One: • ScoutmasterO Crew AdvisorOskipperName: Dianne MarinPreferred telephone(s): 201-993-3571| Zip: 34711State:FLCity: ClermontAddress: 12731 Piney Woods WayEmail Address: Committee ChairName: Paula KellyPreferred telephone(s): 407-687-0691Zip: 34711State: FLAddress: 9643 Crenshaw CirclesCity: ClermontEmail Address: mgkmom82@yahoo.comUnit Advancement Coordinator(If your unit has one)Name: Paula KellyPreferred telephone(s): Paula KellyZip: 34711Address: 9643 Crenshaw CirclesState: FICity: ClermontEmail Address: mgkmom82@yahoo.comProject Beneficiary(Name of religious institution, school or community)Name: Jose ManzanoPreferred telephone(s): 813-766-9957State: FLZip:33541Address: 36043 Greenbook AvenueCity: ZephyrhillsEmail Address: asjrm70@gmail.comProject Beneficiary Representative(Name of contact person for the project beneficiary)Name: Vanessa GonzalezPreferred telephone(s): 813-598-3901Zip33541State: FLCity: ZephyrhillsAddress: 36025 Greenbook AvenueEmail Address: bcruzad032@gmail.comYour Council Service CenterContact Name: Central FloridaPreferred telephone(S): 407-889-4403Zip: 32703Address: 1951 S Orange Blossom TrailState:FLCity: ApopkaEmail Address:Council or District Project Approval Representative(Your unit leader, unit advancement coordinator, or council or district advancement chair may help you leam who this will be.)Name: Nancy SavoiePreferred telephone(s):Address: a67 Cypress View LaneCity: GrovelandState:FLZip:34714Email Address:bsatroop@yahoo.comProject CoachName: JosephYour council or district project approval representative may help you leam who this will be.)Preferred telephone(s): 352-272-6212Zip: 34711Address: 8537 Couples StreetState FLCity: DavenportEmail Address: winters@fourcornerscharter.orgProposal Page BErin Isabelle Foley
Project Description and BenefitBriefly describe your projectI’m taking computers from Four Corners Upper Campus and redistributing to Taller De Reconciliacion, a church in Lutz, Florida.Four Corners Upper Campus needs computers to be removed in order to get a new shipment of new laptops. The laptops will be transported using mypersonal car. Microsoft will be installed and downloaded onto a flashdrive; the flash drive will be inserted in each computer and undergo a processwhich wipes the school information and reset the computers as brand new.I have contacted this Church based on my personal experience of visiting the church. The wiped computers will be transported in my personal car to thechurch itself and there is where the computers will be given to the church to redistribute to families in need or for future mission trips75 computers will be reset for families.Include images on an additional document.Tell how your project will be helpful to the beneficiary. Why is it needed?There are multiple beneficiaries involved in this project: Four Corners High School is benefitted first. Thi is helpful and needed for the school to obtainthe needed space for a new palet of laptops to arrive. Without the needed space, it interferes with classroom space and the school would pay to have itremoved.Reconciliacion de Taller is other beneficiary. I have already contacted this church and they have multiple ideas where to redistribute. A future missiontrip to El Salvador is being planned for later this year where these normally have only a couple computers for the entire school.The church will also distribute the computers to families who cannot afford a personal laptop. This benefits the families since society is currentlybecoming more online with school learning and even remote job opportunitiesMay 2023, 25thWhen do you plan to begin carrying out your project?June 2023, 25thWhen do you think your project will be completed?Proposal Page CErin Isabelle Foley
Giving LeadershipApproximately how many people will be needed to help on your project?Where will you recruit them (unit members, friends, neighbors, family, others)?People such as friends will most likely be recruited and unit members and fellow scouts. If more help is needed, I will talk to the leader of school’sNational Honor Society. I will offer my personal help to demonstrate and enable the volunteers through the computer process.What do you think will be most difficult about leading them?Most difficult part about leading the process will be the timing, Each computer requires different time lengths to fully finish the set up. This makes theproject difficult to keep everyone working at the same or faster pace. The process steps may pose as a challenge however I will write the steps on aboard to guide everyone through the process of wiping and reinstalling Microsoft.MaterialsMaterials are things that become part of the finished project, such as lumber, nails and paint.What types of materials, if any, will you need? You do not need a detailed list or exact quantities, but you must show youhave a reasonable idea of what is required. For example, for lumber, use basic dimensions such as 2×4 or 4×4.hangers: The computers wine have changed counter the proceed dog wit the distined waiting computes tortine tamily. #75Power strips: The power strips allow me to work with many computers at once to be plugged in and reset for processingFlashdrives: None will needed to buy, I already have a couple flashdrives for project. SO. However, more flashdrives, more computers can be reset atonceChargers: Four Corners Upper School provided for all computers, no cost – $0Power Strips: The school and my house already has outlets, power strips are not required- no cost $0Supplies Supplies are things you use up, such as food and refreshments, gasoline, masking tape, tarps, safety supplies and garbage bags.What types of supplies, if any, will you need? You do not need a detailed list or exact quantities, but you must show you have areasonable idea of what is requiredGas- $17.20 – $20.00$45 – 376 milesProposal Page DErin Isabelle Foley
ToolsInclude tools, and also equipment, that will be borrowed, rented, or purchased.What tools or equipment, if any, will you need? You do not need a detailed list, but you must show you have a reasonable ideaof what is required.No tools will be needed for this project.Other Needs Items that don’t fit the above categories; for example, parking or postage, or services such as printing or pouring concrete, etc…What other needs do you think you might encounter?When I drive to Taller de Reconciliacion, there will be close available parking to transfer the computers.Permits and PermissionsNote that property owners should obtain and pay for permits.Will permissions or permits (such as building permits) be required for your project? Who will obtain them? How long will it take?None will be needed for this project. Microsoft Media Creation Tool is a free online download onto the flashdrive.Proposal Page EErin Isabelle Foley
Preliminary Cost EstimateYou do not need exact costs yet. Reviewers will just want to see if you can reasonably expect to raise enough money to cover an initial estimate ofexpenses. Include the value of donated materials, supplies, tools, and other items. It is not necessary to include the value of tools or other items thatwill be loaned at no cost. Note that if your project requires a fundraising application, you do not need to submit it with your proposal.Fundraising: Explain how you will raise the money to pay for the total costs. If youEnter your estimated expenses below(include sales tax if applicable)intend to seek donations of actual materials, supplies, etc., then explain how you plan todo that, too.I a vo est of or materis, seek i sorry noad to quasin is or it is ivano reach$0Materials:$18.60Supplies:companies then call if I do not get a response. Then hopefully meet them and obtain a donation..Tools:$0Other:$0Total Costs:$18.60Project PhasesThink of your project in terms of phases, and list what they might be. The first may be to prepare your project plan. Otherphases might include fundraising, preparation, execution and reporting. You may have as many phases as you want, but it isnot necessary to become overly complicated; brief, one line descriptions are sufficient. If you have more than 10 phases,attach a separate page with your continued phase list.Transport computers to my house from FCUS2Install Microsoft onto flashdrivesContact volunteers and schedule the time for the project hours4Begin process to reset the computers5Load computers in my car and drive to the church to be under their care and distribution78910LogisticsHow will you handle transportation of materials, supplies, tools, and helpers?The computers will be transported in my car from school to my house and then my house to the church in Lutz. No tool are needed. Helpers will befrom school and I believe resetting the computers part will be finished within a couple days. After the computers are reset I am contacting the churchand establishing a day I can drive and bring the computers over. Family such as my parents will help me load the car of the computers so it is quickerprost to race urany theraising to these suprips and flashdrives l already have. The school gave my chargers for each computers; therefore, I doProposal Page FErin Isabelle Foley
Safety IssuesThe Guide to Safe Scouting is an important resource in considering safety issues.Describe the hazards and safety concerns of which you and your helpers should be aware.Read the “Age Guidelines for Tool Usage” at Scouting.orgElectrocution from faulty chargers, outlet and USB ports. I will inform the volunteers of this hazard. In order to mitigate the hazard, double checkingoutlets, not power strips and correctly plugging chargers and USBElectrocution from nearby spills, from drinks and water spills near power strips and outlets. To mitigate and prevents, I will advise people to not havedrinksnear the work area.First Aid kit will be provided at site of projectProject PlanningYou do not have to list every step, but it must be enough to show you have a reasonable idea of how to prepare your plan.List some action steps you will take to prepare your project plan. For example, “Complete a more detailed set of drawings.”Der up alie computers on tables ail soned am No their chargers to begin the pr. Tes oil it airie For each opters house t up. we willthem to a have different spot where we can seperate the reset computers from the unwiped, lt computers win ae onater o tamil are ready to be used, will use my personal car to transport all the computers to the church where fromProposal Page GErin Isabelle Foley
Caution: Using an Adobe or other PDF reader to insert a “signature” can cause this entire document’s contents to be locked preventing future edits;make sure you save a copy if any signatures will be inserted digitally.Sign below before you seek the other approvals for your proposal.Candidate’s Promise*On my honor as a Scout, I have read this entire workbook, including the “Message to Scouts and Parents or Guardians” on page 4. I promise to be theleader of this project, and to do my best to carry it out for the maximum benefit to the religious institution, school, or community I have chose asbeneficiary.Date* Remember: Do not begin any work on your project, or raise any money, or obtain any materials, until your project has been approved.SignedUnit Committee Approval*Unit Leader Approval*This Eagle Scout candidate is a Life Scout, and registeredI have reviewed this proposal and discussed it with the candidate. Ibelieve it provides impact worthy of an Eagle Scout service project, and in our unit. I have reviewed this proposal, I am comfortablewill involve planning, development and leadership. I am comfortable theeverything canup to the level of supportunit measuresScout understands what to do, and how to lead the effort. I will see thatauthorized provide it commite er vide iswe have agreed to providethe project is monitored, and that adults or others present willhave beennot overshadow them.approval for this proposal.DateSignedDateSignedName (Printed) Paula KellyCouncil or District ApprovalName (Printed) Dianne MarinBeneficiary Approval*This service projectwill provide significant benefit,we will do all we can to see it through. We realize fundingon our part is not required, but we have informed the Scout ofaprove ais prosa mil enouge the candidate ordipare dalowed d acept deem. we will provide recipis to donor areproject plan and share it with the designated project required.Our Eagle Candidate has provided us a copy of “Navigating the Eagle ScoutService Project, Information for Project Beneficiaries.”NoYesSignedDateSignedDateName (Printed) SM SavoieName (Printed) Vanessa Gonzalez* While it makes sense to obtain approvals in the order they appear, there shall be no required sequence for the order of obtaining those approvalsmarked with an asterisk (*). Council or district approval, however, must come after the others.Proposal Page HErin Isabelle Foley
6É PREPAREDEagle Scout Service Project PlanBOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA®Eagle Scout candidate’s full legal name Erin Isabelle FoleyEagle Scout Service Project Name Computer RedistributionPlanned completion date Jun 2023, 25Planned start date May 2023, 25Eagle Scout requirement 5 says you must “plan” and “develop” your service project. Though this project plan is a tool for your use, andis not approved or signed, it is important in helping to show you have done the required planning and development. You should take thisproject plan with you to your Eagle Scout board of review. Note that you are not required to provide more details than are necessary forthe accomplishment of your project.A Scout who is prepared will complete the project plan, and then review it with the designated project coach before carrying out theproject. The council or district representative who approved your project may have agreed to serve as your project coach, or someoneelse may be designated to take this important role. A project coach’s involvement and review of your project plan is optional, but it canhelp you avoid many problems or mistakes. This can also improve your chances of passing the Eagle Scout board of review.You should also show your project plan to your beneficiary prior to carrying out the project. This will help ensure your plans agree withthe beneficiary’s expectations.Remember, the project beneficiary has the authority to require and approve a project plan. Be sure toread “Navigating the Eagle Scout Service Project” at the end of this workbook.
Comments From Your Proposal ReviewWhat suggestions were offered by the council or district representative who approved your project?The only suggestions that were offered by council was to take pictures of the project and include a first aid kit while doing the project.Project Description and Benefit – Changes from the ProposalAs projects are planned, changes are usually necessary. If they are major, it is important to confirm they are acceptable to the beneficiary. Youshould also discuss major changes with those who approved your proposal, and also with your coach, to get an idea if the changes will beacceptable to your board of review.How will your project be different from your approved proposal?! originally said 75 computers to be delivered to Taller de Reconciliacion Church; however, my project’s computers will now have a larger scope ofinfluence in the community. Instead of just delivering the computers to one church, two more churches reached out to me seeking computer donations:Inglesia Biblica Leon De Juda will recieve 20 computers and Elyon House of Bread Food Pantry will recieve 15 computer.Will the changes make the project more, or less, helpful to the beneficiary? Explain:It still benefits my original beneficiary, Taller De Reconciliacion Church in Lutz, since they were originally expecting around 25 computers. My projectchanges are more helpful t the community since it now will cover a larger distance of communities I can help deliver the computers to.Present Condition or Situation Include “before” photographs to show the board of review as attachments.Describe the present condition of the worksite. For an event or activity, describe your biggest obstacles.Erin Isabelle FoleyProject Plan Page A
Project PhasesYou may have more than ten phases, or fewer, as needed.Look at the phases from your proposal. Make any changes, then provide a little more detail, including approximate starting andending dates for each phase. If you have more than 10 phases, attach a separate page with your continued phase list.Transport computers to my house from school12Install Microsoft onto flashdrives (Window Media Creation)3Contact volunteers to help with the computer restart4Reset computersLoad and transport computers to Lutz church56Prepare a day for Leon de Juda Church to pick up computers7Assist computer donation for Leon de Juda church8910Work ProcessesPrepare a step-by-step list of what must be done and how everything comes together: site preparation, sizing, assembly, fasteningof materials, finishes to be used (paint, varnish, etc.), uses of supplies and tools, etc. Your project coach may be able to assist.[have tables and counters that have access to an outlet to charge computers. When the volunteers come, the computer will already be lined up andchargd ready with flashdrive next to it. I will have the instructions written on a board and posted for them to follow the step by step loading screenIne to ties organized One the computers are done being caned and rese wim the lighters computer wished aced in my lar tine seperateAttachmentsIf you are unable to attach items within this workbook, please put them in separate documents that you may send along withyour workbook. Attachments might include such things as additional plans, drawings, diagrams, maps, and pictures that will help youcarry out your project. They may also be helpful to your workers, your coach, the project beneficiary, and to your board ofreview. Drawings, if needed, should be to scale. If you are planning an event or activity, something like a program outline or a scriptwould be appropriatePermits and PermissionsIf you will need permissions or permits*, what is being done to obtain them, and when will they be issued?No permissions or permits are needed for this project.* Could include building or electrical permits, dig permits, event permits, permission to access property, wilderness or back country permits, etc.Project Plan Page BErin Isabelle Foley
Materials List each item, description, quantity, unit cost, total cost, and source. For donated items show value in cost columns. See example.ABC Hardware Donation60.0020.003/4″, 4’x8′, B-C interior grade3PlywoodSourceUnit CostItemTotal CostQuantityDescriptiono Wasn’t needed4125.00 School32.98 AmazonPower Strips055.000.91Lenovo Thinkpad ChargerUSB7530ChargerFlashdrivesTotal cost of materials:Supplies List each item, description, quantity, unit cost, total cost, and source. For donated items show value in cost columns. See example.Plastic tarp8.00 ABC Hardware9′ x 12′, 2mil think24.00Unit CostSourceTotal CostDescriptionItemQuantity154 mi18.00Gas StationGas3.1918.00Total cost of supplies:ToolsList tools and equipment that must be purchased or rented; with quantity, unit cost, total cost, source, and who will operate or use it. See example.1Mr. SmithMr. SmithCircular power saw*0.000.00Unit CostSourceWho will operate/use?Total CostToolQuantityNoneNeededTotal cost of tools:Other NeedsPrintingList each item, description, quantity, unit cost, total cost, and source. For donated items, show value in cost columns. See example.20000.01Marketing brochure20.00ABC HardwareSourceUnit CostQuantityTotal CostDescriptionItemNoneNeededTotal cost of other needs:Erin Isabelle FoleyProject Plan Page C
ExpensesRevenueTotal to be raised: $32.98Projected Cost4157.98ItemTotal materials (from above)32.98Contribution from beneficiary: $ supplies (from above)Describe how you will get the money for your project. Include what any helpers will do toassist with the effort and also any requests you will make for donations of supplies,materials, etc.Total tools (from above)Total other (from above)Total costSeek if a church is willing to donate money to jumpstart the “Media Creation 10” process.Giving LeadershipFill out the chart below, telling about specific jobs that need to be done, the skills needed to do them, whether they must be adults or may beyouth, how many helpers are needed, and how many you have so far (if any). For example:Adult drivers/supervisors, youth to wash2 adults, 10 youth1 adult, 5 youthAble to drive or wash carsWork at car washHelpersNeededHelpersSo FarSkills Needed (if any)Job to Be DoneAdult or YouthWipe Computers infoAdult/ Youth15Ability to TypeNetwork peopleDistribution to Families44AdultDrive to Pickup ComputersTransport ComputersYouth (me)Drivers LicenseYouth (me)Drivers License16Supervisor(me), VolunteersOrganize VolunteersTeach and demonstrate5What are your plans for briefing helpers, or making sure they know how to do what you want them to do?I will write the steps on a board and post it for the volunteers to use through the resetting process. Beforehand, I will give the volunteers a briefsummary of what to expect and if any trouble occurs to notify me. I will explain, demonstrate the process on one computer to help guide them to finishthe process on their own afterwards.What is your plan for communicating with your workers to make sure they know how to get to the site and where to park, that theywill be on time and they will have with them what they need?The computers are at my house, there is clear parking and I will organize a time for them to come over that works best for both parties. No materialsare needed to be brought from them unless they want to bring a snack or any food.LogisticsHow will the workers get to and from the place where the work will be done?Workers will provide their own transportation to and from the computer work location- My house.How will you transport materials, supplies, and tools to and from the site?After computers are reinstalled with the Microsoft Media Creation tool, the computers will be transported to church by my personal vehicle.Erin Isabelle FoleyProject Plan Page D
How will you assure the tools used are in good condition, that clearance and barriers needed between users are considered, andthat the tools are properly used and stored?will double check the outlets to ensure there is nothing obstructing it or spills that can occur near it: in addition, check the computers and chargers toensure there are no sticking cables or wires from the cords and keyboards have all their keys.How long will your helpers be working each day? (Recommend no more than eight hours per day)It will be no longer than 3 hours in one sitting (day), each computer can take around 12-15 minutes to finish the resetting process.How will the workers be fed?The project will not provide food, workers can bring their own food if they would like.Where will restrooms be located?Restrooms are located at my house or at Church (once computers are delivered)SafetyWill a first aid kit be needed for this project? If so, where will it be kept?Yes, it is always necessary to have a first aid present: Be prepared: it will be located on the counter.Will any hazardous materials or chemicals be used? If so, how will you see that they are properly handled?Only possible hazard is dealing with the outlets and plugs. Make sure everyoneList hazards you might face. These could include severe weather, wildlife, hazardous tools or equipment, overhead orunderground utilities, sunburn, etc. What will you do to prevent problems? For example, “Hazardous tools will be operated byadults only.”What will you do to prevent problems?Potential HazardCheck chargers, outlets, keep liquids away (spills)ElectrocutionHow do you plan to communicate these safety issues and hazards to your helpers?I plan to address the safety rules before they start working and advise them to not have food and drinks allowed. Show where the first aid is.What personal protective equipment or supplies may be needed? (For example, gloves, goggles, hardhats, etc.)None willbe needed.Who will conduct it? MyselfWhen will you hold a safety briefing? Before processWho will be your first-aid specialist? MyselfHow may emergency vehicles access the site?Front Yard AccessErin Isabelle FoleyProject Plan Page E
Contingency PlansWhat would cause postponement or cancellation of the project? What will you do should this happen?I am the primary source of how this project will be conducted. Delays will result to school work, my job and my soccer season’s schedule. Otherpostponements may result due to my beneficiaries having to reschedule the pick up drop off appointment.Comments From Your Project Coach About Your Project PlanA project coach’s comments can be extremely helpful in assuring your project is successful.My project coach told me what flashdrives I needed (how many gigs) and what website to download “Windows Media Creation tool” to reinstall thecomputers. The project coach helped me through the process and was available if I wasn’t sure about the process and had any questions.Erin Isabelle FoleyProject Plan Page F
Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising ApplicationBefore filling out this application, it is important to read “Procedures and Limitations on Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising.” Thiscan be found on the next page: “Fundraising Application Page B.”project beneficiary and your unit leader, and then submit the fundraising application to your council service center at least twoweeks in advance of your fundraising efforts. You will be contacted if it cannot be approved or if adjustments must be made. Use thisform, not the Unit Money-Earning Application.Eagle Scout CandidateName: Erin Isabelle FoleyAddress: 5324 Cape Hatteras DrivePreferred telephone(s): 352-321-0391State: FIZip: 34714City: ClermontEmail Address: eriness.foley@gmail.comCheck One: © TroopO Crew• ShipUnit Number: 4998Name of Council: Central FloridaName of District: Lake DistrictProject BeneficiaryName: Jose ManzanoAddress: 36043 Greenbrook Avenue(Name of religious institution, school or community)813-766-9957Preferred telephone(s):City: ZephyrhillsZip: 33541State: FLEmail Address: asjrm70@gmail.comProject Beneficiary RepresentativeName: Vanessa Gonzalez(Name of contact person for the project beneficiary)Preferred telephone(s):813-598-3901City: Zephyrhills[Zip: 33541\State: FIAddress: 36025 Greenbook AvenueEmail Address: bcruzado32@gmail.comDescribe how funds will be raised:If funds are needed, I will email Walmart and Best Buy to seek donations of flashdrivesProposed date the service project will begin: May 18, 2023Proposed dates for the fundraising efforts:May 20, 2023$50How much money do you expect to raise?If people or companies are asked for donations of money, materials, supplies, or tools, how will this be done and who will do it?*will email Best Buy for flashdrives and meet with them or have the donations shipped to my address.*You must attach a list of prospective donor names and what they will be asked to donate. This is not required for an event like a car wash.If so, by whom?Are any contracts to be signed?NoContract details:Caution: Using an Adobe or other PDF reader to insert a “signature” can cause this entire document’s contents to be locked preventing future edits; make sure you save a copyif any signatures will be inserted digitally.ApprovalsThe beneficiary and unit leader sign below, in any order, before authorized council approval is obtained.Unit LeaderAuthorized Council Approval*BeneficiaryDateDateDateSignatureSignatureSignatureFundraising Application Page AErin Isabelle Foley
Procedures and Limitations on Eagle ScoutService Project FundraisingEagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application must be used in obtaining approval for service project fundraising ofmonies and for in-kind donations of materials, supplies, tools, or other needs.* Send the completed form with anyattachments to your local council service center, where it will be routed to those responsible for approval. This maybe a district executive or another staff member, the council or district advancement committee, a finance committee,etc., as determined by your council. Only one form is required per service project even if there will be multiple events,participants, or donors. It is not required to submit this form with your project proposal.*This application is not necessary for contributions from the candidate, the candidate’s parents or relatives, unit or its charteredorganization,pos die, ganges the source go the benunit’s parents or members,or the beneficiary. All proceeds left over from fundraising or donations, whethermoney, materials, supplies, etc., regardless of the source, go to the beneficiary. If the beneficiary is not allowed, for whatever reason,to retain any excess funds or materials, etc., the beneficiary should designate a suitable charity to receive them, or allow the unitto retain them. The unit must not influence this decision.If the standards below are met, your fundraising effort likely will be approved.1. Frimary colises money, ete mily is tor a wory charity. Fundraising semited e yor securing mates, thacouncil i ache eat suming are ago Sou senio Proper FundrasingApplication.2. It must be clear to all donors or event participants that the money is being raised on behalf of theproject beneficiary. Once collected, money raised must be turned over to the beneficiary or to the candidate’sunit for deposit until needed for the project. If the unit receives the funds, it must release them to the beneficiary onceexpenses have been paid.3. Any contracts must be signed by a responsible adult, acting as an individual, without reference to the BoyScouts of America. The person who signs the contract is personally liable. Contracts must notbind the localor the unit’s chartered organization.the Boy Scouts of America,council,4. If something is to be sold, we want people to buy it because it is a quality product, not just because of an associationwith Scouting. Buyers or donors must be informed that the money will be used for an Eagle Scout serviceproject to benefit the school, religious institution, or community chosen, and any funds left over will go to thatbeneficiary.5. Anykeeping with the ideals andor fundraising activities conducted, must be inproducts sold,principles of the BSA. For example, they must not include raffles or other games of chance.6. So project benear, nor ne doy sous or America. a onor or tundraising parocian wars areceipt, this too, must be provided in the name of the beneficiary.7. Youth are not normally permitted to solicit funds on behalf of other organizations. However, a local council may allowan exception for Eagle Scout service projects.8. Local councils may determine that certain types of fundraisers such as bake sales and car washes do not require afundraising application. Councils may also establish dollar thresholds, as well; for example, “Any effort expected toraise less than $500 does not require an application.”Fundraising Application Page B
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BE PREPARESEagle Scout Service Project ReportBOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA°Eagle Scout candidate’s full legal name Erin Isabelle FoleyEagle Scout Service Project Name Computer RedistributionMay 25, 2023 Project completion date Jan 17, 2024Project start dateThis report is to be prepared after your service project has been concluded. It is not necessary to provide lengthyanswers. Be prepared to discuss your project and this report at your board of review.
Project Execution:11/17/23When was it finished?Once planning was completed, when did the work begin? May 25, 2023Project DescriptionPlease provide a brief description of your project and the impact it will have.My project was taking my school’s computers and reinstalling Microsoft to make the laptops able to be personalized. I gave a few churches computersto redistribute: mission trips, after school tutor prograns, families who cannot afford.Describe what you did after your proposal was approved to complete the planning of your project.After the proposal was apporved, the project was delayed due to my personal schedule with school, work and soccer. Once caught up, I contacted thechurches and scheduled a day to pick-up computers and a day to drop off to the church in Lutz, FL. Between the times, I contacted volunteers andpicked the days to work on the computers.Observationsvoted my poet unme to pot computers and ada lo top orio the pure in lo, t. Been the imes, contacte tolties and pickedthe days to work on the computers.What was challenging?During the process, not all computers worked the first attempt; errors and default setting occured slowing down the process. The computers were stillfinished and reset, if anyone had issues, I would come and assist.ChangesMany successful projects require changes from the original proposal. What significant changes did you make and why did youmake them (be brief)?Rather than only delivering to one church, my project was able to be distributed through different communities creating a larger impact of the project.Instead of only one church being involved, my project ended with helping three churches.This change was because other churches heard about my project and I was approached by a known congregation member.Project Report Page AErin Isabelle Foley
LeadershipIn what ways did you demonstrate leadership?After set planning and contacting, when the volunteers came, I stepped up and used EDGE method to enable the workers through the project. Iexplained what they were expected to do, demonstrated the process, guided each worker to reinstalled the computers then enabled the project to becompleted. Whenever they learned the process, I would motivate them along the way.What was most difficult about being the leader?My difficulties along the way minimal, being a troop instructor helped me carry my out my leadership skills nicely. The volunteers and churchrepresentatives were easy to contact and help direct. I just needed to give clear expectations and directions to complete the process for new learners.What was most rewarding about being the leader?eing ches mr eagling me empare are propect on ie. To reading tearing an in her tence the project. Hearing howWhat did you learn about leadership, or how were your leadership skills further developed?My leadership skills furthered by allowing me to work on detailedness regarding giving clear instructions and ensuring I set everyone up with all theresources and materials needed to complete the project.Material si, siant intages ors, rage of materials, supples, lois, and other If so, what effect did this have?What I needed were flashdrives; however, one of the churches graciously offered to buy packs of flashdrives to be delivered to my house (project site).Entering Service Project DataThe BSA collects information on the hours worked on Eagle Scout service projects* because it points to achievement of our citizenshipaim. To assist with the data collection, please refer to your list of people who helped and the number of hoursthey worked. Then please provide the information requested below. Include hours spent doing planning under Total Hours Worked.Be sure to include yourself, and the time spent on planning.Number ofWorkersTotal HoursWorked131711The Eagle Scout Candidate – Planning HoursThe Eagle Scout Candidate – Execution HoursRegistered BSA youth members0644947Other youth (brothers, sisters, friends, etc., who are not BSA members)Registered BSA adult Scouting volunteers and leadersOther adults (parents, grandparents, etc., who are not BSA members)Grand Total of Hours (enter here and on your Eagle Scout Rank Application)522*There is no requirement for a minimum number of hours that must be worked on an Eagle Scout service project.If you have been told you must meet a minimum number of hours then you may lodge a complaint with your district or council. If you have givenleadership to an otherwise worthy project and are turned down by your board of review solely because of a lack of hours, you should appeal thedecision.Erin Isabelle FoleyProject Report Page B
Funding SummaryDescribe how you obtained money, materials, supplies, and other needs (including donations) for your project.I obtained my materials such as the computers and chargers by Four Corners Upper School. The donation that I recieved were flashdrives that weredelivered from Amazon and bought by Taller De Reconciliacion Church.How much was spent?How much was collected?If your expenses exceeded funds available, explain why this happened, and how excess expenses were paid.The project was inexpensive, there weren’t any funds that were needed since the materials and supplies were given with the computers and thelocation was at my house with outlets and WIFI. There were not expenses that exceeded funds or set budget.If you had money left over at the end of your project, did you turn it over to the project beneficiary? If “No,” when will that be done, orif your beneficiary is not allowed to accept the left over funds, which charity will receive them?No money was donated during this project; therefore, none was leftover to turn over to the project beneficiaries.How were the donors thanked?The donors were thanked by a letter. I wrote them a thank you letter for their participation and willingness to help me out through this project.Photos and Other DocumentationIf you have them, submit photographs taken before, during and after project completion on a separate document.You may physically attach letters, maps, handouts, printed materials, or similar items that might be helpful to your board ofreview.Caution: Using an Adobe or other PDF reader to insert a “signature” can cause this entire document’s contents to be lockedpreventing future edits; make sure you save a copy if any signatures will be inserted digitally.Candidate’s Promise Sign below before you seek the other approvals.On my honor, I was the leader of my Eagle Scout service project and executed it as reported hereSignatureDateApprovalsIn my opinion, this Eagle Scout service project meets Eagle Scout requirement 5, as stated on page 3 of this workbook.Unit leader name:Dianne MarinBeneficiary name: Vanessa GonzalezDateSignatureSignatureDateProject Report Page CErin Isabelle Foley
Navigating the Eagle Scout Service ProjectInformation for Project BeneficiariesThank You and CongratulationsCongratulations on your selection as an Eagle Scout service project beneficiary, and thank you for the opportunity youare making available to an Eagle Scout candidate. Support from community organizations is important to Scoutingjust as important as Scouting’s contributions are to the community. Scouts provide important services, and benefitingorganizations such as yours provides a vehicle for personal growth.The Eagle Scout Rank and the Service ProjectService to others is an important part of the Scout Oath: “… to help other people at all times.” Each year tens ofthousands of Scouts strive to achieve the coveted Eagle Scout rank by applying character, citizenship, and Scoutingvalues in their daily lives. One of the rank requirements is to plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a serviceproject helpful to any religious institution, school, or community. Through this requirement, Scouts practice what theyhave learned and gain valuable project management and leadership experience.Typical ProjectsThere are thousands of possible Eagle Scout projects. Some involve building things, and others do not. There havebeen all kinds: making birdhouses for an arboretum, conducting bicycle safety rodeos, constructing park picnic tables orbenches, upgrading hiking trails, planting trees, conducting well-planned blood drives, and on and on. Other than thegeneral limitations noted below, there are no specific requirements for project scope or for how many hours areworked, and there is no requirement that a project have lasting value. What is most important is the impact or benefit theScout’s parents or leaders.Projects Restrictions and Limitations• Fundraising is permitted only for facilitating a project. Efforts that primarily collect money, even for worthycharities, are not permitted.and leadership, then it may be considered.• Projects are not to be of a commercial nature or for a business, though some aspects of a business operationprovided as a service, such as a community park, may qualify.• The Scout is not responsible for any maintenance of a project once it is completed.Approving the Project Proposal and Project SchedulingOnce a potential project is identified, you must approve your Scout’s proposal. Regular communications with the Scoutcan make this quick and easy, but be sure you have both discussed and considered all aspects of the project to ensureyour Scout has a clear understanding of your expectations and limitations. Keep in mind the proposal is merely anoverview—not a comprehensive project plan.Some projects may take only a few weeks or months to plan and carry out, while others may take longer. Scoutsworking toward the Eagle rank are typically busy, so scheduling flexibility may be important. The proposal must alsohave several approvals, besides yours, before project planning occurs and work begins. Therefore, if a proposedproject must be completed by a certain rapidly approaching date, it may be a good idea to consider somethingdifferent. Remember, too, that all work must be completed before the Scout’s 18th birthday.
Approving Project PlansAfter the proposal is approved by the BSA local council, your Scout must develop a plan for implementing the project.Before work begins, you should ask to see the plan. It may come in any format you desire or are willing to accept. Itcould even be a detailed verbal description. That said, the BSA includes a “Project Plan” form in your Scout’s EagleScout Service Project Workbook, and we recommend that you ask your Scout to use it. If in your plan review you haveany concerns the project may run into trouble or not produce the results you want, do not hesitate to requireimprovements before work begins.Permits, Permissions, and Authorizations• If the project requires building permits, etc., your Scout needs to know about them for planning purposes.However, your organization must be responsible for all permitting. This is not a duty for the Scout.• Your organization must sign any contracts.If digging is involved, it is your responsibility to locate, mark, and protect underground utilities as necessary.If you need approval from a committee, your organization’s management, or a parent organization, etc., besure to allow additional time and let the Scout know if their help is needed.Funding the ProjectEagle service projects often require fundraising. Donations of any money, materials, or services must be pre-approvedby the BSA unless provided by your organization; by the Scout, the Scout’s parents, or relatives; or by the Scout’s unitor its chartered organization. The Scout must make it clear to donors or fundraising event participants that the money isbeing raised on the project beneficiary’s behalf, and that the beneficiary will retain any leftover funds. If receipts areneeded, your organization must provide them. If your organization is not allowed to retain leftover funds, you shoulddesignate a charity to receive them or turn them over to your Scout’s unit.SupervisionTo meet the requirement to “give leadership to others,” your Scout must be given every opportunity to succeedindependently without direct supervision. The Scout’s troop must provide adults to assist or keep an eye on things,organizationsomeone available. The Scout, however, must provide the leadershipnecessary for project completion without adult interference.SafetyThrough the proposal and planning process, the Scout will identify potential hazards and risks and outline strategies toprevent and handle injuries or emergencies. Scouts as minors, however, cannot be held responsible for safety. Adultsmust accept this responsibility. Property owners, for example, are responsible for issues and hazards related to theirproperty or employees and any other individuals or circumstances they would normally be responsible for controlling. Ifduring project execution you have any concerns about health and safety, please share them with the Scout and theunit leaders so action may be taken. If necessary, you may stop work on the project until concerns are resolved.Project Execution and ApprovalAfter the project has been carried out, your Scout will ask for your approval on their project report. The report will beused in the final review of the Scout’s qualifications for the Eagle Scout rank. If the Scout has met your reasonableexpectations, you should approve the project; if not, you should ask for corrections. This is not the time, however, torequest changes or additions beyond what was originally agreed.The Eagle Scout service project is an accomplishment a Scout will always remember. Your reward will be a helpfulproject and, more important, the knowledge you have contributed to a young Scout’s growth.Navigating the Eagle Scout Service Project is available for download at
Eagle Service Project Workbook – Revision TrackingVersion 2021a – Released 1/3/21Version 2021b – Released 1/6/21• Free text date fields length increased• Scout name copied to footer on all pages• Scout and project name copied across pages• Scout name copied to fundraising application• Made the Safety section much larger and added link to BSA Tool Safety web page• Added an email address to the Council Service Center contact blockVersion 2021c – Released 1/29/21• Warnings about digital signatures locking the document have been added near all• Candidate hour reporting split into separate planning and execution blocks*• Page reference on Proposal Page H corrected• Page reference on Fundraising Application Page A corrected• Page reference on Project Report Page C corrected• Formatting of all telephone fields removed to allow international phone numbersVersion 2021d – Released 11/1/21• Fixed a gender-specific pronounVersion 2022a – Released 12/16/2022• Updated Risk Management sectionVersion 2023a – Released 2/5/2023• Repaired Security Settings• Repaired and improved formatting Eagle Name footer for very long names