SOBO Reset

Nathan Gets his Trail Name!! He resets his adventure by skipping the 1,000 year floods and starting at Harpers Ferry, and starts heading south. He meets up with Dutchman, another hiker, and starts walking home. Along the way, he picks up the name Solice, after being Solace, making his dad’s Buddhist heart very warm….

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  1. Marsha Herring

    I have great respect for your resilience! Keep up the hiking…oh what stories you will have to tell. Enjoyed seeing the deer, they know they have nothing to fear from you hikers. Years ago I drove the Skyline drive, you are seeing it in a much better way than I did by car. Please continue your posts, it is great to see the trail thru a hiker’s eyes.

  2. Carol Gillentine

    Grampa and I really enjoy your trail humor. Glad you still have it! Looks like you are experiencing good times with trail buddies. That helps. You are becoming quite the photographer! Beautiful pictures of beautiful countryside. We miss you. BTW: don’t bother seeing Oppenheimer. It is boring. Great acting, but boring.
    Whenever your video was sound of you walking and that was all, it reminded me of my dad telling me to hike at the Army’s pace, you march to “Your left. Your left. Your left, right, left.” Repeat. Try that. Sets you on an even pace. 😘 Love, Gramma


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