Dryer Vent Cleaning

Step 1

First, we begin by starting your dryer on air dry.  Then, we place a gutter guard to protect your gutters while we set up a ladder and then use a pitch hopper to safely get onto your roof. 

Next, we measure the airflow exiting your dryer vent to establish a baseline with an anemometer before we begin.  After that, we take a photo of your dryer vent from within the gooseneck to evaluate the state of the vent and ensure its properly installed.  Finally, we then manually clean the lint from above the damper flap within the gooseneck.

Step 2

When we enter your laundry area, we access the transition duct behind your dryer and inspect it for wear and tear, defects, and ensure the vent meets the current fire prevention standards.  When necessary, we can change the Dryer Transition Vent.


Now, we attach a commercial grade negative air machine to your dryer duct and use a commercial grade agar brush to scrub the walls of your dryer vent while removing all lint and buildup through the entire ductwork.

Step 3

The last step is to put your dryer back into place, turn it on and run an airdry cycle.  We then return to the roof to take a second air flow measurement and a photo of the dryer vent from the roof for a post cleaning inspection.