I have to admit I was surprised at the amount of lint build-up considering the client stated the vent had been cleaned a year ago.  Most of the lint accumulation was in the lower end of the vent.  After we cleaned it and removed all the lint, the follow-up air velocity reading told me everything, this was a poorly installed dryer.

Sure enoug, not only did the last company use an 8 foot accordion style foil transition vent, which generally speaking, shouldn’t be used on any dryer that vents through the roof, the vent had twisted and kinked when the dryer was put back into place.  This is one of the reasons we always check air velocity after everything we do.

This means that the lint never had a chance to escape the vent, there simply wasn’t enough air velocity to push it out.  This is also bad for the dryer.  Dryers create heat to evaporate water vapors from clothes, and if not properly vented, the dryer fan has to work over time while the clothes over heat and fade quicker.

Once we replaced the wrong dryer transistion vent with our DryerFlex, they were back in business and hopefully we will see them again in 2 years to check their dryer vent to see if it needs service or not.