According to our client, this vent was cleaned 1 year ago by a large handyman company that services The Villages.  The homeowner said they got onto the roof, so it is hard to tell what went so wrong or if it was even cleaned at all.  Even with an accordion vent, this is far more lint then we would expect to see in a vent after only 12 months.

So, we wnt to work,  We first cleaned the vent to remove all the lint, but even then, the air velocity was extremly low.  This is because the accordion vent was a whopping 8 foot long and had all sorts of bends and curves before it entered the home.  We changed the transition vent to a DryerFlex and restored the airflow to its optimal levels.

We also believe in the idea of “Trust but Verify” and because this went so wrong the last time, we offered to come back in a year and verify that the vent is still clear of lint.