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Resident of The Villages

I live in a home built by The Villages, located inside a Villages or in a villages built family housing community.

Local Resident Outside The Villages

I live in a single family home.  I DO NOT live in The Villages, but I live in close proximity to it.

Commercial Property

I want a quote for a Apartment Complex or other Commercial Building located in Lake, Sumter, or Marion County.

Local Residents In Close Proximity to The Villages

We understand that there are several communities in very close proximity to The Villages and residents within these communities want to be treated the same as the residents of The Villages.  Unfortunately, proximity is not our only concern.  We know the construction standards of homes that The Villages builds, and do not need to take the extra steps of a full internal camera inspection.  Outside of The Villages, we have to more steps to preform to ensure the safety of our equipment and depending on the construction of the home, we may have to employ different safety equipment and in some cases, we have to schedule multiple techniticans to the home.  Further, depending on location, we also may have to block multiple appoimtment time slots.  For these homes, we will send you a quote to clean your dryer vent and then, if approved, we will work with you to find the best time to service your home.