Why DrerFlex?

We are committed to providing the best service and leaving every home with the best set up possible.  This includes our commitment to having the absolute top quality Dryer Transistion Vent on the back of your dryer. The DryerFlex is a commercial grade dryer transition vent that meets the UL 2158-A Fire Safety Standards, maintains a 4 inch diameter as required by the building code, and is crush resistant, making it a better option than Semi Rigid Transition Vent.

Foil Accordion Transistion Vents

There are several reasons these should never be used on a Dryer, especially in The Villages.

  1. Most foil Transistion vents do not meet the UL 2158-A fire safety standards, meaning that if you ever have a dryer fire, they will not contain the fire to the dryer vent system, putting your home at risk.
  2. Most homes in The Villages have dryer vents that exit through the roof making lint fight against gravity to exit your vent.  When compressed, Accordion Foil vents fold in on itself, decreasing the diameter of the vent from 4 inches, to 3.5 inches.  this bottleneck decreases air volecity enough to increase buildup, blockage, and chances for home fires.

Semi-Rigid Transistion Vents

Semi-Rigid Dryer Transistion Vents are certainly better than the Foil Acordion Transistion Vents, as they maintain a 4 inch diameter and most (but not all) meet the UL 2158-A Fire Saftey Standards.

There are two big problems with Semi-Rigid Transistion Vents for your dryer:

  1. Semi Rigid Dryer Vents lack the ability to sufficiently expand or contract.  This leads installers and homeowners to often oversized the vent, creating excessive bends (each 90 degree bend takes about 5 feet of vent energy to blow the lint through.  By the time the lint enters your homes ventilation system, there isn’t enough air volecity to blow it up and out of your home.
  2. If the Semi Rigid Transistion Vent is correctly installed, you have to pull the washer out to disconnect it before pulling the dryer out.  This takes a lot more work and time.  You then have to reinstall it from beind the washer.
  3. Even in a perfect world, dryers can move when they run, or someone can unintentionally push the dryer back to far, and crush a semi rigid transistion vent, creating an immediate block in air flow.  This can quickly leave you in danger of a home fire or force your dryer to run hotter and significantly reduce the life of the dryer.

The DryerFlex

We are committed to only using the best quality equipment and supplies, which is why we exclusively carry DryerFlex Transition Vents and install them on every dryer vent we service.  Learn more about the DryerFlex Transistion Vent below.