Well, there is a pretty big change in Nathan’s hike.  This was not the year to attempt a SOBO Appellation Trail hike in June.  As you may be aware, they have gotten an unusual amount of rain the past several weeks and it doesn’t look like it is going to let up soon.

Rivers that are normally only knee high and completely impassable and large parts of the trail are completely flooded.  The hiker ferry in Caratunk, where he is staying is shut down for the first time in its history and the Appaliation Trail Conservatory has issued multiple advisories to hikers to proceed to the nearest roads and bypass the numberous rivier crossings that Maine is famous for.  The rain has made  this section of the trail extremely dangerous when it’s raining and severely bug infested when it’s not.  Hikers are tapping.

But Nathan is far from out!  On Monday he will take a shuttle from Caratunk, where he is sheltered up in a Hostel, to Bangor, where he will catch a bus to Boston, and then another to New York City, where he will stay the night at the Jazz on the Park hostel I always stayed at.  The next day, it’s a trip to REI to get his mattress replaced; and then another bus to Bear Mountain, where he will join the surge if NOBO hikers.

When he gets back to where he left, the weather will be better and the trail easier to manage.  Then he will repeat this route and start back south at Bear Mountain.  These are called Flip Flop Through Hikes.


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