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Why Lake-Sumter Dryer Vent Cleaning is the Best Choice for Residents of The Villages:

Top-Notch Expertise and Equipment:

  • Positive Airflow with Reverse Osculation: Our preferred cleaning method is considered the industry gold standard, ensuring thorough and efficient removal of lint and debris.
  • Commercial-grade equipment: We use powerful rotary brushes and negative air machines for situations where Positive Airflow isn’t feasible, ensuring a superior clean every time.
  • Roof vent expertise: We prioritize inspecting and cleaning the gooseneck vent termination on the roof, a crucial step often overlooked by competitors.
  • Safety first: We are fully insured and have top-rated safety equipment for working on roofs, putting your mind at ease.

Customer-Centric Service:

  • Local and dedicated: Family-owned and operated, we focus solely on serving The Villages, ensuring familiarity with local dryer vent needs.
  • Competitive pricing: Despite using advanced equipment, our prices are highly competitive, often lower than less qualified companies.
  • Positive online reviews: Customers consistently praise our professionalism, thoroughness, and value for money.
  • Transparency and trust: We are Better Business Bureau accredited and have a 5-star Google rating, demonstrating a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Additional Differentiators:

  • Advocacy for clients: We proactively identify and help resolve dryer vent connection issues associated with new roof installations, saving you time and hassle.
  • Focus on airflow: We measure airflow before and after cleaning, ensuring optimal dryer performance and efficiency.
  • Limited service area: Focusing solely on The Villages allows us to specialize in the specific needs of the community.
  • Peace of mind:  We offer free dryer vent inspections for our current customers who had their vents cleaned after 12 months to determine if the dryer vent is ready to be cleaned to help establish a cleaning schedule based on objective benchmark airflow readings established in.
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Not only can we clean the vent without disconnecting your dryer, we can remove the lint that brushes simply cannot reach.

A comparison between the brush negative air machine cleaning method and our superior positive air machine to clean dryer vents.

Client Reviews from Google

Scott checked our vent and advised that we really didnt need cleaning at this time. Showed photos of the vent and the air flow rate. Left us a reminder to call in the future and did not charge for his service. Very fair and I appreciate his honesty.

Steve Helkey Avatar Steve Helkey
February 15, 2024

We were getting zero lint on our dryers lint filter, so I suspected a blocked vent and called Lake Sumter Dryer Vent Cleaning. Scott came out and found no blockage, optimal air flow through the vent, no back pressure, and practically no lint build up in the vents. He didn’t charge me for the visit since he didn’t have to clean the vent. It would be nice if most companies operated like this. Five stars.

John Krawiec Avatar John Krawiec
February 13, 2024

Had outstanding service from Scott today. They follow a methodical process where you see before and after airflow and pictures and don’t try to oversell. Very impressed. Will use them in the future..

Susan Hajjar Avatar Susan Hajjar
February 12, 2024

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